Thursday, June 2

Growing Tadpoles

 The pond at the park has tadpoles.  
It has caused quite a stir.  
Lucy was intent on bringing some home.  
I put her off as long as I could.  But, my vivid memories of being her age and longing for something to grow and take care of over came me and I caved.  
Lucy had to research raising tadpoles before she was allowed to fish some out of the pond.  Did you know tadpoles like lettuce?  They do.  We are now the proud owners of five tadpoles.  They have to go back to the pond when they get legs.  But, for the meantime, Lucy is one happy camper, telling anyone who will listen that we have SEVEN pets.
See the little leg sprouts growing under the tail?
Mom, do you remember when we lived in Australia and I found abandoned baby field mice?  You let me bring them home and sadly, they died.  I kept thinking about those mice with Lucy begging to bottle up some tadpoles.  I can't believe you let me bring those mice home.  I don't think I would have said yes if it were my child,  but you were a really good mom for doing it.  What those little mice taught me about emotions, life, death, the instinct to nurture have stuck with me all this time.  Thanks for the reminder that I need to let my kids learn through exploration and experience. 


kristin said...

stupid tadpoles...and then, one day, i caved. why we didn't just go for the free ones, i don't know.

Teriney said...

I like this Becca!

Abbey and Todd said...

I love this Becca because I totally remember that as a little girl - wanting a pet so bad! You should have Lucy write one of her stories about the tadpoles.

Janene said...

Would I be bad if I admitted I was overjoyed when they died? How good a mom is that?

Becca said...

Mom, it doesn't matter that you were happy when they died. It mattered that you said yes to something that fostered a seed of compassion and nurturing.

mindy said...

yes janene--you are a much nicer mom than me as well. what a sweet message, bec.