Friday, June 3

A Woman of a Certain Age...

I think it is a woman of a certain age who discovers a previously unknown need for a plastic bag caddy. 
  I am that woman.
I first saw this idea at my mother-in-law's house shortly after Billy and I were married.  At first, I thought it was a shirt sleeve.  Upon closer look, I discovered it held plastic bags, ready for easy dispensing.   Nine years later... I decided that I really should have one, too.  
Now, I do.
Such an easy project and with it came the priceless feeling of maturity.


Janene said...

Fabulous use of your Japanese print fabric! I am older than you and never had one. It would make a great birthday present!

Becca said...

mom, this print is alexander henry from joanns. thank you for the gift hint. maybe by your next birthday you will be a woman of a certain age.

Teriney said...

I made one 2 years ago...mine isn't nearly as cute!

Wendy said...

That is so funny, because, I learned from YOU to fold my plastic bags and I still do that! Maybe a plastic bag caddy is in my future!