Tuesday, August 16

Homemade School Supplies: Recorder Case

So, I have a third grader this year.  Which means, our home will be filled with the relentless screech of a third grader blaring a school required recorder.  Why can't elementary music programs teach the harmonica or the melodica or even the guitar like in the movies?  Surely there are plenty of other beginner instruments that are less obnoxious than the recorder?
I'm just sayin'.
 Despite my dislike for this particular instrument, in the tradition of last year's homemade pencil pouch, I stitched up a padded recorder case, to protect our priceless investment. 

 Complete with her name on it, just in case someone else has one just like it.
Up next on my to do list... make an ear plug case for myself.


Wendy said...

I don't think you are kidding at all. Ear plugs should be required if there is a recorder being played.

Janene said...

When I substitute elementary classroom music classes, the regular teacher leaves these instructions: "If they screech, take away the instrument for the remainder of the period."

I love the lady bug/elephant combo.