Thursday, August 25

Teacher's Got a Brand New Bag

Both Lucy's and Henry's teachers have birthdays this week.  I wanted to do a little something for them, but it's hard to know what after only two weeks of school.
I ended up settling on book bags/reusable shopping bags.  That's something everyone can use, right?
I like how this green and gray one turned out.  I used a stiffer interfacing which made it stand up nicely.  It is a pretty big bag, so with out the extra structure, it would be hard to find things that fall to the bottom.
The second bag turned out a little smaller/narrower, but the handles are thicker.
I lined it with a vintage inspired children's print.
I did a stack of appliqued books, inspired by Emily's 12 Squared pick.  They are a little off center.  
Oops and oh well!
Hopefully, these teachers will feel appreciated, even if they are only educating my children for three short weeks.
Fabric:  Green/Gray Bag Outer- JoAnn's Home Dec
Linging- Michael Miller's Who's Hoot and Erin's Stripe
Fabric: Blue Grid Bag Outer- Goodwill remnant
Lining- Alexander Henry Go With Dick and Jane
Pattern: None


Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

I LOVE THESE!!! I was going to call and get an update... are you really still moving?!

Marji said...

those are great teacher gifts! I love the owl print it is so cute!

sarah said...

I love them!! Becca, I seriously think you are the most generous person I know, always thinking about others. :)