Monday, August 22

Sunday Skirt

A new skirt for Lucy, similar to her first day of school  skirt from first grade.
This time, I added a pocket.
Fabric: Amy Butler Daisy Chain 
Pattern: none


Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

Tutorial Please:)

Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

SO CUTE! like EVERYTHING you make!!!

Wendy said...

So, basically when you say "pattern: none" you are really saying, "I am totally awesome and people will want to be like me." I know I do. you are awesome.

Becca said...

wendy- you crack me up!
rachel- i will do my best to get a tutorial up. if not, you can come over anytime and we'll whip up a couple for your girls. they really take no time at all to do.

Little Blue Bird said...

Becca I want to come over and "whip up a couple" with you too!! This is beautiful and I so wish I could make them for bella so easily. I have tried to make skirts for her before but none turned out very well! YOu are so clever!