Thursday, February 16

More From LA

Our girls' weekend in L.A. was enhanced with some good times with Peter and the kids, like a visit to Beard Papa for these scrumptious cream puffs!

By pure coincidence our visit coincided with dear friends from Australia, Lucy and Mark Sullivan. What a grand reunion that was.

Strolling through the Santa Monica Mall we came across a wall of these old sewing machines! Amazing!

Third Street Promenade has something for everyone including a huge Apple Store. (I got in trouble for taking photos in the store! Dumb tourist.)

All tuckered out after a day of shopping and gawking.

It was a dream come true to have some uninterrupted time with my daughter, Peter and Jean and kids. Thank you LA J's!

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Jen said...

i've gotten in trouble for taking photos in the apple store.