Sunday, February 12

Valentines? Check!

The Valentines are done ahead of schedule this year, thanks to Pinterest!!
 The idea for Lucy's Valentines came from this tutorial.  We tweaked it a little by sewing the paper shut instead of gluing it.  Lucy wanted something to do with dogs, especially since it's almost Mochi's 1-year birthday.  
After we filled each favor with candy hearts, she cut out ears and drew on eyes.  We added a pom-pom for the nose and tied on a little tag (suppose to look like the dog's holding it in its mouth).

I picked up some candy sticks from Trader Joe's while I was in L.A. and I really wanted to do something Valentines-y with them.
Henry goes to a little preschool once a week and it just happens to fall on Valentine's Day.  
He was intrigued and a little confused as I explained to him the concept of Cupid.
But, he does love arrows so, this free printable was the perfect choice!
Pinterest has made the kids' Valentine's so easy this year... I might have time to plan something for my sweetheart.


Teriney said...

I've been thinking of doing the arrows too for my kids school party :)

Wendy said...

Cute! We went to buy stuff to "make" some and then Bradley found some that had jokes on them. He was sold, all he had to do was write his name. Can we still be friends?

Kristin J said...

You guys are so lucky that your kids get to hand out Valentines at school. I wish our schools in WA would allow it. Yours look awesome!!