Monday, February 6

Togetherness Makes: L.A. Fabric District

Mom and I had so much fun over the weekend visiting my brother and his family.  My sister-in-law, Jean, showed us all the best spots for shopping and eating... we did lots of both.

Michael Lavine's was fabric heaven.  They had just about everything.  A nice sampling from all the major designers.  I could have spent all day here.
The rest of the strip reminded me a lot of India.  There was a lot of fashion fabric shops that we just kind of skipped over.

 Across the street from Michael Lavine's was Michael Lavine's Loft.  
Fabric was piled high in boxes and sold by the pound.
 Most of it was knits and random polyester blends.
I did get some super soft French terry (about 4 yards) and some nice knit for a scarf.
Can't beat a $1.25 a pound. 
 I'm already mentally planning our next trip.


kristin said...

would you please let me know when that is, so that i can make arrangements to meet you at LAX????? so glad you had a little vacation! xoxo

jean said...

Good memories! :)

Ms. McKellips said...

I would be in fabric heaven! I'm such a fabric hoarder, it's scary!