Saturday, March 3

Baby Elephants Blanket

Another precious grand daughter is on her way! Due April 4.

With mama on modified bed rest, I have been helping with the toddlers at in the family and caring for my daughter in law. This has cut into my sewing time and as a result I was up past 2 a.m. finishing this quilt for the baby shower this morning!

The nursery colors will be pink and grey. I fell in love with these elephants when Becca and I were shopping in the fashion district in L.A. last month. D.S quilting fabrics make up most of the rest of it.

It is backed with white flannel and the batting is a thin cotton/soy blend. I am still new to quilting so don't look too close!!


Becca said...

i love it! it turned out great. what did you think of the soy batting? was it really soft?

jean said...

So cute! Love the pink and grey combination!