Wednesday, March 7

Bridal Shower in Pink

For this shower I turned one end of my house into a pink cloud!

This sweet little bride's wedding plans have taken back seat to a seriously ill younger brother. The mother of the bride has spent most of her time the past 8 months nursing her sick boy. So my purpose for this shower, besides the usual reasons, was to help them take time out to celebrate this happy occasion in a special way. The mom said it was her first time to leave her house without her son. A well deserved break!

A banner and paper garland for a personal touch.

Cherry yogurt pretzels from Top Foods in Celeste's wonderful heart bowl, Taffy Skewers and Sweethearts all intended to convey how special you are!

I went to five stores to find pink tulips!

More food on its way.

This was a paper products free production!! Linen napkins rolled up with satin ribbon.

Friends brought individual fruit pizzas, lemon and fudge cupcakes, pink mint brownies, lemon bars, Mexican Caviar (recipe below) and chips.

On this side of the table you see broiled artichoke dip, dried cranberries and almonds, strawberry soufflé in the background. Not pictured that came later were mini quiches and spinach dip.
Strawberry Soufle didn't turn out exactly like Martha Stewart's but still delicious! I actually had trouble with her insufficient directions and the garnish- candied strawberry chips recipe- was a flop. But I was happy with my results and everyone loved it.

I wrapped a band of pink satin around this candle and accented with a string of pearls.
It was a wonderful evening of chatter and laughter and good wishes for a beautiful bride to be.

Mexican Caviar Recipe
(different from others I have seen on line)
1 can black eye peas drained
1 can white shoepeg corn drained
2 avocados chopped
1/3 cup green onions diced
2/3 cup cilantro chopped

2 tomatoes diced
1/4 cup olive oil
1/2 cup red wine vinegar
1 tsp cumin
3/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper
2 cloves garlic minced
Mix all ingredients. Make sure all items are thoroughly drained. Mix the dressing well before pouring it on the vegetables.If not serving right away, leave dressing off until 1 hour before serving. Save avocado pits and leave on top of caviar untilready to serve. (it keeps the avocados from getting brown)


kristin said...

this looks incredible, Janene! You should start a business! Can't wait to try the mexican caviar.

p.s. you should've joined our quilting bee.....

Becca said...

turned out great, mom! the strawberry mousse looks divine!