Monday, March 12

Ruffle Leggings

Here's me, experimenting with more of that ruffle fabric I got in L.A.
This time... a pair of leggings, well more like tights, because they are somewhat transparent.
I used a pajama pants pattern, but took in the inseam by several inches.
I used fold-over elastic for the waistband.
I'm not quite sure if I LUV this stuff.  The fabric ran like pantyhose when I was working with it.  I don't see these lasting long... one trip or stumble and they're goners.

Also, they look kind of funny, hanging from a tree.  
Like the kind of pants the clown who rides the ginormous tricycle wears.
Maybe they will look cuter on.  
I'll try to remember to get pictures of Lucy wearing them, then we'll see if she's got circus potential or not.


Janene said...

Can't wait to see them on her! How do they look? I bet they are adorable!

Becca said...

I tried them on her when she got home from school They are too boot-legged. I think I'm going to crop them, so they'll be more of a capri length.