Tuesday, March 6

Building with a Ton of Bricks

Henry had another birthday party last week.  We are so lucky to be in a place with lots of playmates for him.
We did our "usual".  An appliqued t-shirt.
Henry insisted on a Lego brick.
I tried to persuade him to go with a Lego guy's head, which is significantly more simple.
But, he persisted and I caved.  Here's my try at a 3-D looking block. 
Uh, yeah.

Let's hope he's moved on to a simpler-to-sew obsession by the next b-day in our lives.

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Janene said...

I wonder if doing the top stitching in a darker red or maroon would help it to stand out and loo more three demential? You are a good mom and the results are great!