Sunday, December 11

The Walking Dead and a Long Good Bye

Some of our very best friends are moving.
To Germany.
This makes me excited for them 
and sad for me.  
Really sad.  
They are such a big part of our lives, it's hard to imagine just how it will be when they are gone.  Obviously lonelier.  But, there will also be a little less excitement over Gap sales, one less local who understands the disappointment of the local fabric store's stock, fewer Larry's dinners, no one to get back-to-school manicures with Lucy.  I'm not even going to mention Halloween and the Fourth of Jufry and sushi nights and birthdays and Dallas and Florida.

We've been trying to pack in as much togetherness time as possible before the big send off.  Over the weekend, the gang came down to Hot Springs for an all night Walking Dead marathon.  We stayed up too late and the kids woke up too early, which turned us all into zombies the next day.
Holly and Teriney (who is not pictured in zombie form because I only got a picture of the side of her hair) have been working on some little good-bye goodies for the Sharp kindern. 
We made Theo a busy book.

Holly made luggage tags.
Teriney did personalized notebooks.
 I made travel pillows for the older kids.
I think instead of saying tschuess we're just going to put our energy into figuring out a way to visit them in Deutschland.

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