Thursday, December 22

Shirt for the Boy + a Few Other Projects

Not the greatest pictures, but I did manage to get at least one shirt done for Henry for Christmas.  
I made a 3-D paper airplane applique.
It looks a lot cuter in person, I think.
 Henry was invited to a birthday and since Legos are just about the best thing in the entire world to him, I fixed up a Lego shirt for his friend.
 I've been wanting to try this tutorial via Pinterest for a cosmetics bag for awhile.  It dawned on me that it was something my mother-in-law might be able to use since she travels a lot.  
I used some fabric for the lining that I know she really likes.
Hopefully, she doesn't read this post and spoil the Christmas surprise!
Trying my hardest to finish all the projects in my head... 
just two days left!


Wendy said...

so cute Becca!!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE the lego shirt and the airplane one is awesome!!

Em said...

wow. how did you make that airplane shirt? love it!

sarah said...

Yes, please share how u did the airplane shirt!! Love everything you do as always!! Merry Christmas to you guys! Love and miss you

mindy said...