Tuesday, December 6

T-Shirts for Christmas

These t-shirts probably won't be the most exciting thing under the tree, but Lucy has been wanting a peace sign shirt for awhile and she loves anything with a dachshund on it, so hopefully they won't be a complete disappointment. 

 Usually, I use Wonder-Under or Heat 'n Bond to do appliques.  Those products work well and make appliqueing really simple, but sometimes they can be kind of stiff.  So, this time, I experimented.  On the peace sign, I only used a glue stick.  On the dog, I used an iron on silky stabilizer on the wrong side of the t-shirt.  I got a few wrinkles with both methods, but I think they worked as alternatives to iron on appliqueing.

1 comment:

jean said...

Love em! When are you finding the time to do this kind of stuff! You amaze me! :)