Wednesday, December 28

Hermione wand

Mark made this Hermione wand for Lucy.
He used a straight drum stick, sanded it to shape,
and stained it. Then he drilled a small hole in the
wide end, and inserted the stem of a plastic plant
from Joannes, super glued into the hole. He then
twisted the ivy around the wand and held it in place
with a clamp at the tip. Next, the branches
and leaves were spaced, and the ivy was glued to
the stick with a urethane craft glue. After the glue
dried, he applied multiple coats of Hard Coat Modpodge.
The end button is made from Scupley Premo, formed
over the end of the wand, and super glued. The button
covers a hole drilled about 2 inches into the stick into
which is inserted the Heart of the Wand...Misha Hair.
He vine looks like it growing out of the side of the wand.


Becca said...

she's going to love it!! i can't wait to tell her about the misha hair! brilliant!

kristin said...

this is amazing!!