Tuesday, March 8

The Bird Princess: A Cautionary Tale?

Lucy is 7 1/2 and has been writing stories since she could... well, write.  I love to see her imagination at work.  Lately, she's been writing longer stories and asking Billy or me to type them up.  So, for your reading enjoyment, here is her latest feature. I left her spelling and grammar as she wrote it.  Her only commentary is that the part about the baby bird being sent down the stream is from the story of baby Moses.  

The Bird Princess

Once there was a bird, a lonely bird who lived in a ragged old nest.  She was the most buttyfulest bird in the world!  Her feathers were softer then a puppy's fur.  Her beak was shinyer than a kitten's eye.  And she sparkled like a crystal.  Evryone liked her.  I bet you wonder why is she so poor?  Well a long time ago a queen bird had a baby bird.  The baby bird was her.  Now the king bird was angry about her uglyness.  He sent 15 gards to banesh her.  They set her in a stream.  Thats when the queen became angry,  And a war started.  A nother bird found her and cared for her.  The new bird was named Coconut.  She helped her get buttyful.  But now the princess lives on her own because she was getting to old.  One day as she sat in her nest.... Boom Bam Zat Wat! Birdzilla was there.  Birdzilla was taller then a skyscraper.  Shaped like a bird but was just green SLIME!  The lonly princess knew what to do.  She flew strait to Birdzillas chest.  "OWWWW" said Birdzilla.  He fell strait to the ground.  The king took her back and the war stoped.  And evryone was happy.
The end.


aunt kristin said...

Tell Lucy that was pure awesomeness!

mindy said...

watch out birdzilla!

Lisa said...

I love it! Lucy is so creative. I think I'm going to start saying, "Boom Bam Zat Wat!"

wordandcraft said...

I was so not expecting the Birdzilla twist at the end. Way to go, Lucy!

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

green SLIME!!! Wow. Awesome story, Lucy. I think you and my niece should meet. You're both really smart and fun.