Thursday, March 10

Travel Outfit

You will have to ask Leah where her AG Doll is going in this travel ensemble. I made an unlined version of the coat and hat from McCalls pattern # 3900. I have never had much use for fleece, but I like this gray for a "wool" coat look and the fact that it is a little stretchy and I don't have to worry about finishing edges. I have had this trim for about 30 years and decided to use it all up in this project. The dress is an elongated top with a lace hem and velcro all down the back. Leah already has a dress made from that red baby corduroy, so now she can match!


Becca said...

oh, my! mom this is darling. i LOVE the trim!

Kristin J. said...

Can you make one in my size? ;)

jean said...

She is going to love it! She's going to especially, love that she will have a matching dress!!!!