Tuesday, March 29

Spring Breakin'

Lately, it seems like the speed of life exceeds the speed of blogging.  Here's my attempt to record what we've been up to for the past two weeks.
We've just finished up our Spring Break and while it's nice to get back to a routine, we really enjoyed the free time.  
Henry got some new pajama pants!  I'm in love with the fabric!
And we learned he needed these:
We also picked up this:
We'd been debating getting a pet for a while and when Billy's professor told him they had a litter of Dachshunds ready to find new homes, we caved and brought Mochi home. 
The kids are in heaven.  Lucy keeps saying, "I still think I'm dreaming!". 
 I am... tired.  
Mochi is six-weeks old and doesn't quite like being by himself or sleeping at night.  But, so far, I think the
 pro's out weigh the con's.  
And we worked a bit in the backyard.  It's needed some landscaping since we moved in-- that was, oh, five years ago.
(the first time the grass caught on fire, billy went to get the garden hose, only to find the pipe was broken, so that was one more project on the spring-break-fix-it list)
Part of our driveway comes up into the backyard.  It is original to the house (built in the 50s).  But, more recently, a fence was put in, which cuts off the old drive.  It is cracked and coming up in places.  We started pulling up the broken concrete and leveling that corner of the yard.
Some friends stopped by and surprised us with a plate of delicious cookies that kept our energy up to finish the job!  
Thanks, Taggerts!
It feels so good to have that done!
I also finished a big, on going kitchen project that I will blog about soon!  


Wendy said...

there is something about getting those projects done right before you move. We had "broken" closet doors since we moved in. Ben fixed them THE DAY BEFORE putting the house on the market. He is convinced it sold so fast because of the excellent closet doors!

I am a TINY bit jealous of the cute puppy. But I won't cave.

Candi said...

Becca! Your backyard looks GREAT and your puppy is so cute! We want a dog very badly, but are still renting so I keep telling the kids they have to be patient...not so easy for them.

ps. Henry looks like a rockstar in his glasses :-)

Janene said...

Your back yard looks GREAT! Good job Griffin's! Now just figure out how to keep the weeds out and the plants watered! And I also adore those pajama pants! I bet it was hard for you to sacrifice the fabric from your collection!

mindy said...

nice job on all those projects!! and the puppy! Good luck!!

Abbey and Todd said...

Becca I love your house! And the puppy. I love the feel of newly updated rooms in a house - it's so refreshing (not that I have a house to update, but we will one day!!)