Monday, March 28

Holly's Shower

(photo courtesy Kristin and was taken in her darling home)

 My good friend Holly is expecting her third baby and very first GIRL!  The gang is very excited for her and wanted to throw an intimate shower.  I really love baby showers.  And birthday parties.  And really any excuse to celebrate something.  It may not come as a complete surprise to you that can I get a little carried away when it comes to making gifts for these kinds of things.  Knowing that Holly is really practical and expecting a move in the next year, I wanted to make sure whatever I made was something she really needed.  Lucky for me, she had a small list of projects she wanted to make for Baby Girl, but didn't think she'd have time to do.  She had even bought fabric-- so all the guess work was taken out of it for me!
Most of the projects she wanted were from here:
So, picked up a copy and whipped up these pants (and appliquéd a matching onesie).  A few other friends took different projects that Holly'd requested.  I think between us all, we were able to get most of her to-do list finished up.
Holly had also picked out some coordinating turquoise and orange fat quarters.  I put them together in a quilt. I can't for the life of me remember where I saw the idea for this design.  It was on a pillow on some blog.  Trust me, I have looked and looked.  If anyone out there recognizes this flower design, let me know so I can give credit!  The used a soft, natural linen and the back is cream Minky.
The inspiration for this quilt came from HERE.
I had a little Minky leftover so I put together these make-shift burp cloths.

Last but not least, I did a little bunting for a shower decoration but that Holly could take home for her nursery.
We are so excited for our friends and can't wait to meet Baby Girl!


The Himmer Family said...

Becca, I LOVE your blog. You are so creative, I always love to see the things you come up with. It makes me hopeful that some day soon, I might get this motherhood thing down a little better, and have more time to do fun projects like these!

Janene said...

Becca, I am nuts about the quilt! So you use your spray adhesive to hold the backing onto the two pieces of fabric? Do you stitch through all thicknesses around the appliques which are bonded on already? Is that how you do it? Love the pants, too. So cute! I bet she was so happy! Just got some fabric for Anna and Elle dresses. wahoo!

Becca said...

yes, mom. i used heat and bond to adhere the appliques. then, spray adhesive to keep the minky, batting, and top together. i sewed around each applique, through all the layers.