Sunday, January 9

The Adventures of Apron Boy

Thanks, Grandma J, for the apron with red bowling balls on it!  It fits my big-helper-super-Henry-golden-knight-puppy-dog perfectly.  It came in very handy when we decided to make some chocolate chips cookies to warm up our wintry afternoon.
You'll have to post about the pattern, because I don't know what you used.


emilysigler said...

cute helper.

is that some backsplash demolition I see?

Becca said...

YES! Emily, we got new counter tops a couple of months ago and have plans to put in a tile backsplash. I'm calling our current kitchen "rustic French country". As soon as we get our tax return OR find the original home owner's secret stash of coins and cash we were told he kept in the attic, we'll put in the tile. :)

Janene said...

The pattern was simply tracing the apron one of Jenny's friends made for Alex. I made these for all the 2,3 and 4 year old grandsons this year. I added a waist tie on Henry's but not on the others. The originals did not have a tie at the waist. The cool feature of this no fuss apron is the shoulder straps criss-cross in the back, so it just slips over the head and then it is on. Each apron is lined with a solid fabric with the straps sandwiched (first basted in place) in between the print and the solid. Straps can be made of gross grain ribbon or like this one, from the lining fabric. I wonder how I can share this pattern?