Thursday, January 6

Quilting On My Mind

The girlfriends and I were sitting in Chik-Fil-A, watching the children through blessed sound-proof glass and sipping our icy beverages, when Kristin suggested that we start a quilting club.  There was a moment of silence throughout the restaurant in respect for such a great idea.  Maybe it's the general feeling of limitless potential that accompanies the start of a new year or the fact that we all appreciate a good yard of fabric, but we were all on board.  Following the basic idea and rules set up by The Virtual Quilting Bee, we brainstormed a good list of fellow sewers and discussed the details.  There are 12 of us who've committed and I am anxiously anticipating the month when the group will work on my quilt.  It's set off this mad frenzy of internet searches for fabric and quilt designs.

 oliver + s                                                                        denyse schmidt                                                lizzy house

I love how quilting is wonderfully complex.  It mixes maths and art, past and future, function and design.  I am a great admirer of well made quilts and the people who know how to make them.  I hope that I'll learn a few new skills over the next year.


While it's not quite up and running yet, you can follow our progress at:
In the mean time, here's a little visual list of pretty things that have caught my eye in my recent blitzkrieg on all things quilting.  I'm always drawn to more traditional quilt patterns, but I love modern designs, too.  Generally, I go for quilts with lots of white.  But, maybe for this project, I should make something out of my comfort zone.  It's going to be really hard to decide what kind of quilt I want.

(Apologies in advance.  I will try to post credits, but I've looked and saved lots of pictures in the last few days and can't guarantee I'll remember where each one was from.)


wordandcraft said...

I really like the American Jane quilts. I'm looking forward to watching all of your progress.

sarah said...

what a fun idea! loved the view-finder quilt :)

Janene said...

Do you know how lucky you are to have 12 real world friends that share your passion? I am excited to see what you all make! Fantastic idea!!