Thursday, January 27

Coconut Craze: Store Bought Staples

One of my all time favorite guilty pleasures..... Hostess Snoballs.  
While I love to bake, some things are so good store bought, there's no need to make them from scratch.  What could be better than squishy, pastel, marshmallowy, creamy centered goodness?  Not having to make it or clean up the mess!
Last year's birthday cake.  Lucky me!

Runner up for best store bought coconut treat would definitely be Brach's Neapolitan Coconut Sundaes.  Sadly, these are getting harder and harder to find.  Anyone know where to find these in Little Rock?  YUM!

And of course, there's the old coconut stand by.  You can't go wrong with a pack of Mounds or Almond Joy. Coconut and chocolate is such a good combination.  

I'm anxious to try something new...What are your favorite store bought coconut snacks?  


Jen said...

My Dad always had those Brach candy's at his desk. I really love them!
Love, love, love Almond Joy and Mounds.
Now, I tried snowballs b/c of this post. Not a fan, but they sure are pretty.

Becca said...

i think i'm a minority when it comes to my love of snoballs. in fact, i'm not sure i know anyone who likes them besides me.

Janene said...

Your DAD! In fact everything you posted here are his favorites and I don't think you even knew that!