Saturday, January 1

The Last of 2010

Here's some evidence of my last ditch effort for 2010.  Most of that effort was spent on Christmas presents.  Now, I can start focusing on 2011, which I think will be the year of the baby shower-- even more babies are due in my circle of friends than were last year!

Happy 2011!

Twirl Skirt for Lucy
Fabric: Heather Bailey's Pop Garden

Twirl Skirt for Emily
Fabric: Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane
Silk Flowers 
(on everything! skirts, headbands, pins, you name it)
Some friends showed me how to make these.  Here is a good tutorial, but WARNING they are addictive!

Lots of trappings for the newest edition to our family, Felicity. (Pictured sleeping on the center shelf).

Doll Quilt and Pillow
Fabric: Moda 1933 Jelly Roll
Pattern: None

Clothes for Felicity
I mostly used Simplicity patterns.  I really like the vintage dresses in No. 4347 and No. 3929.

I can't take credit for this one, but Billy customized this scooter for Henry.  I think it turned out great!

Henry's name written in slip-proof tread.  Genius!

 Bottle Cap Necklace with lots of interchangeable bottle caps!

Some paper ornaments for Lucy.  I'm sure I love these more than she does.

A little room re-arranging is good for the soul.  Plus, we needed some more spots for all the goodies Santa brought.

Of course there were lots of unfinished projects in 2010.  Some that will remain unfinished because I lost interest, some that will have to wait until 2011, and others that just made me angry.

So, here's to the project pile of 2011!  May it be as fun to climb as 2010's.  

Mom- Hopefully, these pictures are better quality than the web cam!


jean said...

Becca you are so creative! I love, love all the stuff you've made! I think you should contact American Girl and have you market the clothes you made for the doll!

Janene said...

Aww! The pot holders!
The Sullivans absolutely loved my dish towel and Peter seemed like he wanted one. He acknowledged that it was your tree design! I loved the flower on the twirl skirt!

Here's to another bigger better sewing year! Love you darling daughter!

sarah said...

can I put in an order for the first doll my size? :) love all of your creations Becca!!

Lisa said...

I love all the little doll clothes. And I love your new heading. I used to have paper dolls like that little doll. I LOVED them!

Wendy said...

You are so talenty. Miss you.

Jen said...

It red cape it perfect!

Michelle said...

So many beautiful projects! Thank you for sharing them, they are so fun to see! Felicity is going to be very well dressed this year!

mindy said...

you are incredible!! Olivia got her first Am. girl doll this year, too, and I think it's time I experiment and make her some clothes as well! You are so kidding.

Jona said...

I love your versions of my Edith Twirl Skirt pattern (Heather Bailey is my favorite!). I'm sorry I didn't see these earlier this year, they're simply beautiful!